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30 septembre 2011 5 30 /09 /septembre /2011 21:02



Something i painted really fast (6 hours mini + base) between two bigger projects. Sometimes it's good to get some fresh air doing fast things! A lot of airbrushing, a blister sponge, some cheap light effects and the job's done.


2011.09 Warjack (1).blog

2011.09 Warjack (2).blog

2011.09 Warjack (3).blog

I hope you like him!

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Khargrim 11/11/2011 12:23

Hi ¡¡

It is a fantastic piece , I can not believe you did it in only 6 hours.

Could you please explain a little more all the process? I mean, wich priming did you use, wich base, shadows and lights did you make with your airbrush, if you varnished before rusting, and wich
colours and techniques you used for the rust???

I would like to try a similar scheme in one of my armies.

Thanks a lot in advance ¡

risk0 17/10/2011 16:48

Hey! I was wonder how do you paint armour main color. I would like to use the same schem on my space wolves. Thanks for answer and keep on happy painting:)

regards risk0!

dre4mitsminiblog 17/10/2011 18:36

Very simple, the armor before the rust effects is painted with black/white only :)


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