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18 avril 2013 4 18 /04 /avril /2013 20:55

I finished two projects some months ago, but could find the time to write something about them... until now! 


First one is my version of the well known Abyssal Warlord from Scale 75. It was an opportunity to try sculpting a weapon, as i never did it before. I wanted to do a trident, as i thought it could suit the model quite well. I also added him a fish aileron. About the colors, well they are quite strange and i dont really remember what i used. I wasnt that happy with the result and as you can see i didnt spend much time on the base :) . But i love this model and i'll do another and i hope better version someday...


2012.12 Abyssal Warlord (1).blog


2012.12 Abyssal Warlord (2).blog


2012.12 Abyssal Warlord (3).blog


2012.12 Abyssal Warlord (4).blog


The second one is my first historical complete model. I painted a histo bust, but it's not the same :) . I always liked vikings, so i think it was a good choice to start with. 


2013.01 Viking Warrior (1).blog


2013.01 Viking Warrior (2).blog


2013.01 Viking Warrior (3).blog


2013.01 Viking Warrior (4).blog


Hope you like them, cheers!

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22 février 2013 5 22 /02 /février /2013 10:14

So, i managed to finish this tiny girl at the end of 2012, just before the Montreux Miniatures Show. It's a great sculpt from Allan Carrasco, that has been made for the Fantask'Open 2011 edition. Very few painted versions have been seen yet, but there is a great one from Matthieu Roueche : link . 


2012.11 Female Warrior (1).blog


2012.11 Female Warrior (2).blog


2012.11 Female Warrior (3).blog


As you can see i stayed in warm tones. Sadly i dont have the colour reciepe anymore as i finished this 2-3 months ago. Between this my daughter is born, so i've had other things in my mind :) .





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29 décembre 2012 6 29 /12 /décembre /2012 16:32

Hi friends,


As you may know, my second child will be soon there, so i'm painting as much as i can before his arrival :) . I choosed a miniature that very few people did paint yet, an avalonian retiary. This mini is a bit strange and it's quite unbalanced with these big roots coming out of the arm. But i liked the dynamic pose of the badguy and it's a mini that allows a lot of different painting possibilities. 


I had an idea of something flashy, but trying to keep a dark atmosphere. 


2012.12B Rétiaire Avalonien (1)


2012.12B Rétiaire Avalonien (3)


2012.12B Rétiaire Avalonien (5)


Here's the colours reciepe, always from shadows to lights:


Skintones: Charadon Ganite (GW), English uniform (MC), Beige Red + Medium Fleshtone 50/50 (MC), Basic skintone (MC), Basic Skintone + Ivory (MC)

Skin Nuances: Scab Red (GW), Lime Green (MC), Violet Red (MC), Graveyard Earth (GW), Fluo Green (Homemade)

Metallics: Black (MC), Scorched brown (GW), Boltgun Metal (GW), Chrome (MA)

Metallics nuances + Rust: English uniform (MC), Bestial Brown (GW), Scorched brown (GW)

Leather: Black (MC), Scorched brown (GW) or Leather Brown (MC), or Bloodtracker brown (P3), Bestial brown (GW) or Orange brown (MC), Bleached bone (GW) or Ivory (MC)

Leather Nuances: English Uniform (MC), Siena ink or Sepia Ink (Pebeo)






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18 décembre 2012 2 18 /12 /décembre /2012 21:43



It has been some time i wanted to give a try at painting a historical sculpt. Some days ago i found this great bust in my unpainted minis box, and thought it may be the time to do it...


As historical says, i went up to a classic color scheme. You cant paint crazy on that stuff :D . It was also the opportunity to try some weathering and texturing techniques and i must say i'm quite happy with the result.


But dont wait anymore, the pics!


2012.12 The Raider (1).blog


2012.12 The Raider (2).blog


2012.12 The Raider (3).blog


I hope you like him :) . If you have any questions or feedback, feel free!


If you want to give a vote, it's there link



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13 novembre 2012 2 13 /11 /novembre /2012 23:10



There's my last paintjob, the fantastic "Roi des Morts" from Metal Modeles. One of the most pleasant to paint miniatures ever. It has been painted for a miniature exchange with an italian friend, Amon Chakai.


2012.08 Dead Lord (1)


2012.08 Dead Lord (2)



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2 juillet 2012 1 02 /07 /juillet /2012 19:17

Hello friends,


A very tiny miniature, painted as a gift to my dear wife. It's not much in comparison of everything she brings to me, but i hope she likes it anyways. Finished in approximately 10 hours.


2012.06 The Last Battle (1).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (2).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (3).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (4).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (5).blog


It's a great 30mm piece produced by Origen Art Miniaturas. The cast was nearly perfect, only 1-2 tiny bubbles & i had to reshape the spear.


3D view:

 If you want to give her a vote: link


Hope you like her!

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1 juin 2012 5 01 /06 /juin /2012 11:55

Hello everybody,


It has been a loong time without any new finished miniatures. Very few time to paint, a lot to do at my work, with my family etc. But finally, here's something new, Jareck from Enigma miniatures!


It has been painted for the Nations Trophy in Nice as the Fantasy miniature of the display. But sadly Switzerland wont have any display as we didnt manage to achieve some of the other historical pieces. By the way you can have a look on Matthieu Rouèche's Blacksmith, that he also painted for this contest as one of the historical pieces : link


So here are the pics, quite a difficult piece to photograph...


2012.05 Jareck (1).blog


2012.05 Jareck (2).blog


2012.05 Jareck (3).blog


No 3D view this time, as i didnt find a way to get the right colors in video. Sorry!


I hope you like him, if u wanna give a vote on CMoN here's the link





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20 avril 2012 5 20 /04 /avril /2012 09:16



Just found an old picture of one of my first minis painted nearly 2.5 years ago. Really funny to look at it right now :)


2009.09 - DA Champion.blog


Sadly i dont have it anymore :( .





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24 février 2012 5 24 /02 /février /2012 12:27



Recently finished a model i always loved, Urmuth - Scars of War from Andrea Miniatures. As you'll see on the pictures, it has been painted in a classical way. I tried to focus on technique, achieving smooth blendings and a clean result.


2012.02 Urmuth (1).blog


I also decided to remain "simple", so there arent big freehands or fancy effects. I like the mini this way.


2012.02 Urmuth (2).blog


The base is also quite simple, to not distract the attention from the mini. But there are also little details to watch, if you pay attention. I like when bases have little details that you dont see at the first look.


2012.02 Urmuth (5).blog


The name on the socked is a basic paper sheet with printed letters. I just gave it some colours after a coat of matte varnish. If you dont varnish it before, the print ink wont like your diluted paint.


2012.02 Urmuth (3).blog


Very luckily for me, it got gold in Master Fantasy Painting at the Lugdunum 2012 show in Lyon. That has been a great surprise :)


As usual you can watch a 360 degrees view on youtube. Sadly it kills some of the contrast, but it can give a good idea of the mini like if you had it in your hands. Here,s the link:



Comments are as always welcome :)




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23 janvier 2012 1 23 /01 /janvier /2012 17:01



I've just finished my version of the famous Yarry from Enigma Miniatures. A very pleasant mini to paint.


2012.01b Yarry (1).blog


I tried to improve my texturing techniques. For harmony, all the colors used have been mixed with Thornwood Green (p3). It gives sort of a desaturated / realistic look, at least this is the feeling i have.


2012.01b Yarry (2).blog


I had a butterfly left from the Happy Monk, i thought it could be a good idea to use it on this base.


2012.01b Yarry (3).blog


As usual there is an HD video, you can watch it if you want to see Yarry in details.



I hope you like him! Comments & critics welcome.


If you want to give him a vote : link








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