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3 octobre 2011 1 03 /10 /octobre /2011 12:46



I just finished to paint a Tauro Bust at scale 1/20.


It is my first ever painted bust, so it has been a good training for me. it has been quite difficult to paint it because there is not a single flat surface, everything is strongly textured. I made the basework with the aibrush before taking the brush.


2011.09.b Tauro Bust (1).blog



The basecolor is a mix of dark flesh (gw) / bronzed flesh (mc) / Cryx Bane Base (p3). I highlighted it with more bronzed flesh and later some Ivory (mc). Shadows are done adding more and more Cryx Bane Base to the base, and a tip of black at the end. Then i added some nuances with thinned asurmen blue (gw), baal red (gw), thraka green (gw), blood red (gw) and wurm green (p3).


2011.09.b Tauro Bust (2).blog



Very simple there, the base is done with scorched brown (gw), shadowed with dark sea blue (mc) and highlighted with orange brown (mc). Ivory (mc) for the edges & scratches. Then i covered it with thinned sepia ink to add a little bit of glossiness.


2011.09.b Tauro Bust (3).blog



The base is done with boltgun metal, shadowed with black, highlighted with mithril silver and chrome (model air) for the final spots. Then i added some rust pigments and some glazes of jade green (gc). I also added some very light nuances with juices of scorched brown and wurm green, but it's hard to catch it on the pictures.


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dre4mitsminiblog 06/10/2011 13:18

Sûr que c'est toujours agréable à peindre, mais j'ai eu pas mal de difficultés. D'un côté c'est comme ça qu'on progresse :)

Jibus 04/10/2011 07:09

Magnifique! Comme tous ce que j'ai vue de toi.

Cyril 03/10/2011 16:00

Je trouve ce buste très réussi, c'est surtout la lumière qui me plaît. Pour en avoir vu d'autres versions, c'est vrai que la texture de la peau a l'air assez embêtante en peinture, mais ça reste
quand même agréable à peindre non ?


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