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29 décembre 2012 6 29 /12 /décembre /2012 16:32

Hi friends,


As you may know, my second child will be soon there, so i'm painting as much as i can before his arrival :) . I choosed a miniature that very few people did paint yet, an avalonian retiary. This mini is a bit strange and it's quite unbalanced with these big roots coming out of the arm. But i liked the dynamic pose of the badguy and it's a mini that allows a lot of different painting possibilities. 


I had an idea of something flashy, but trying to keep a dark atmosphere. 


2012.12B Rétiaire Avalonien (1)


2012.12B Rétiaire Avalonien (3)


2012.12B Rétiaire Avalonien (5)


Here's the colours reciepe, always from shadows to lights:


Skintones: Charadon Ganite (GW), English uniform (MC), Beige Red + Medium Fleshtone 50/50 (MC), Basic skintone (MC), Basic Skintone + Ivory (MC)

Skin Nuances: Scab Red (GW), Lime Green (MC), Violet Red (MC), Graveyard Earth (GW), Fluo Green (Homemade)

Metallics: Black (MC), Scorched brown (GW), Boltgun Metal (GW), Chrome (MA)

Metallics nuances + Rust: English uniform (MC), Bestial Brown (GW), Scorched brown (GW)

Leather: Black (MC), Scorched brown (GW) or Leather Brown (MC), or Bloodtracker brown (P3), Bestial brown (GW) or Orange brown (MC), Bleached bone (GW) or Ivory (MC)

Leather Nuances: English Uniform (MC), Siena ink or Sepia Ink (Pebeo)






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