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16 janvier 2012 1 16 /01 /janvier /2012 21:29



Here's the last project i finished, some hours ago. The mini is Raggarth from Sphere Wars.


2012.01 Raggarth (1).blog


The cast i had was really awful, so the preparation needed a loooong boring time. But i hope the final result erases this bad memory.


2012.01 Raggarth (2).blog


You can watch him on HD video:




If you want to give him a vote : link


A tutorial for the base should come soon, if i find the time :)







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16 décembre 2011 5 16 /12 /décembre /2011 11:00

Today something a bit bigger, probably my favourite model from GW this year, already a classic, the Nurgle Chaos Lord.


A friend asked me someday if i would sell him some miniatures. Well i wont feel good if i take my friend's money, so i suggested him to make a miniature exchange. We would both paint this mini and give it to eachother afterwards. It was also a little bit to force him to paint, as most of the time he plays videogames and doesnt practice :) .


At first, after prepping it, i basecoated it with a tamiya primer. Well be sure i'll never do this again. Maybe my paintstyle is not adapted to it, but my paints werent sticking at all on the mini and the results were awful. So after a Glanzer bath, i started it again but this time with a GW primer.


Here's the result :



For the skin, well i used a lot of colors and i dont really remember the right order. At the beginning i sticked to the colors used by Julien Casses on his Rat Ogre, but at the end it was kinda messy. So the colors are :


p3 : beast hide, gun corps brown, sanguine base, menoth white base, menoth white highlight, ember orange

gw : camo green, asurmen blue, leviathan purple, baal red, thraka green, ogryn flesh




For the armor parts :


p3 : menoth white highlight, umbral umber, thamar black

gw : camo green, thraka green, bestial brown




The metallics have been basecoated with boltgun metal, shadowed with umbral umber and black, highligted with model air chrome. The blood on the axe has been done with the weel known tamiya x-27 and black.




For the base i wanted something very dark and wet, with some disgusting things. So i took some milliput and did some worms and some eggs. That was not difficult, even with my poor sculpting abilities. Once everything glued i basecoated the base directly with charadon granite. Then i used the colors i used on the mini to paint the lights, shadows & details to be sure it will fit with the mini. The painting finished, i added the shine with Vallejo water effects paste and some shiny varnish.


I guess i spent around 15 to 20 hours total on this mini. Sure i could have spent much more time to finalise it, adding little details, damages etc. but im happy of it like this.


So now something new. You can watch it in video on youtube :) . Please if you can watch it on HD! More videos of other minis will follow, i'll try to add a video section in this blog.




I hope you like it, and that my friend will like it :)


If you want to give it a vote : link


Take care!



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9 décembre 2011 5 09 /12 /décembre /2011 10:48



A little update with another very fast paintjob, done to give a try at the Andrea Black Paint Set. It took me about 4-5 hours from start to finish with the base.


2011.11c Darth Maul.blog


I added the scale on the picture because i think it's the smallest mini i've ever painted.


If you want to give him a vote : link


Next update will be with something much more interesting :)


Take care!

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27 novembre 2011 7 27 /11 /novembre /2011 21:58

Hi there,


Something painted very quickly, simply to have some fun. The eye was a little try at dayglow pigments, after the article written by Raffaele Picca on Massive Voodoo.


2011.11b Norbit.blog


The skin has been painted with Coal Black (p3), Meredius Blue (p3), Arcane Blue (p3) and Ivory (mc).


If you want to give him a vote : link



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6 novembre 2011 7 06 /11 /novembre /2011 23:17



It has been quite a long time as i lost 3 weeks moving into a new flat, bigger and better :) .


So he's finally finished, the Happy Monk from Ernst Veingart. A lot of pleasure to paint something about peace, poetry and well being.


2011.11 Happy Monk (1).blog

On his belly you can see the "om" syllable. It symbolizes the beginning, duration, and dissolution of the universe. Im clearly not a bouddhism expert, but thats what i read on wikipedia :p


2011.11 Happy Monk (2).blog


Colors used for the skin :


base : Tallarn Flesh + English Uniform 50/50

shadows :  Cryx Bane Base + Dark Flesh, Cryx Bane Base, Dark Sea Blue

highlights : Bronzed Flesh, Ivory


I finally added glazes of Scab Red and Camo Green on some areas for nuances (almost invisible on the pictures).


2011.11 Happy Monk (4).blog


Colors used for the tunic :


base : Ember Orange

shadows : Bestial Brown, Scorched Brown, Dark Sea Blue

highlights : Space Wolf Grey, Ivory


2011.11 Happy Monk (3).blog


I hope you like him, comments welcome :)


I you want to give him a vote : http://www.coolminiornot.com/291278






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3 octobre 2011 1 03 /10 /octobre /2011 12:46



I just finished to paint a Tauro Bust at scale 1/20.


It is my first ever painted bust, so it has been a good training for me. it has been quite difficult to paint it because there is not a single flat surface, everything is strongly textured. I made the basework with the aibrush before taking the brush.


2011.09.b Tauro Bust (1).blog



The basecolor is a mix of dark flesh (gw) / bronzed flesh (mc) / Cryx Bane Base (p3). I highlighted it with more bronzed flesh and later some Ivory (mc). Shadows are done adding more and more Cryx Bane Base to the base, and a tip of black at the end. Then i added some nuances with thinned asurmen blue (gw), baal red (gw), thraka green (gw), blood red (gw) and wurm green (p3).


2011.09.b Tauro Bust (2).blog



Very simple there, the base is done with scorched brown (gw), shadowed with dark sea blue (mc) and highlighted with orange brown (mc). Ivory (mc) for the edges & scratches. Then i covered it with thinned sepia ink to add a little bit of glossiness.


2011.09.b Tauro Bust (3).blog



The base is done with boltgun metal, shadowed with black, highlighted with mithril silver and chrome (model air) for the final spots. Then i added some rust pigments and some glazes of jade green (gc). I also added some very light nuances with juices of scorched brown and wurm green, but it's hard to catch it on the pictures.


Link to vote on Coolmini : link






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30 septembre 2011 5 30 /09 /septembre /2011 21:02



Something i painted really fast (6 hours mini + base) between two bigger projects. Sometimes it's good to get some fresh air doing fast things! A lot of airbrushing, a blister sponge, some cheap light effects and the job's done.


2011.09 Warjack (1).blog

2011.09 Warjack (2).blog

2011.09 Warjack (3).blog

I hope you like him!

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