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8 juillet 2012 7 08 /07 /juillet /2012 13:21

Two projects i'll try to finish for the Monte San Savino Show in November :)




Roi des Morts, Metal Modeles




Abyssal Warlord, Scale 75


Still some prepping work to do and then it will be painting time!

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7 juillet 2012 6 07 /07 /juillet /2012 20:44

I continue selling my oldest miniatures to get some space in my showcase. Now it's the Toxic Girl !


2010.10 Toxic Girl.blog


Link to the auction : link



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2 juillet 2012 1 02 /07 /juillet /2012 19:17

Hello friends,


A very tiny miniature, painted as a gift to my dear wife. It's not much in comparison of everything she brings to me, but i hope she likes it anyways. Finished in approximately 10 hours.


2012.06 The Last Battle (1).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (2).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (3).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (4).blog


2012.06 The Last Battle (5).blog


It's a great 30mm piece produced by Origen Art Miniaturas. The cast was nearly perfect, only 1-2 tiny bubbles & i had to reshape the spear.


3D view:

 If you want to give her a vote: link


Hope you like her!

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1 juin 2012 5 01 /06 /juin /2012 11:55

Hello everybody,


It has been a loong time without any new finished miniatures. Very few time to paint, a lot to do at my work, with my family etc. But finally, here's something new, Jareck from Enigma miniatures!


It has been painted for the Nations Trophy in Nice as the Fantasy miniature of the display. But sadly Switzerland wont have any display as we didnt manage to achieve some of the other historical pieces. By the way you can have a look on Matthieu Rouèche's Blacksmith, that he also painted for this contest as one of the historical pieces : link


So here are the pics, quite a difficult piece to photograph...


2012.05 Jareck (1).blog


2012.05 Jareck (2).blog


2012.05 Jareck (3).blog


No 3D view this time, as i didnt find a way to get the right colors in video. Sorry!


I hope you like him, if u wanna give a vote on CMoN here's the link





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20 avril 2012 5 20 /04 /avril /2012 09:16



Just found an old picture of one of my first minis painted nearly 2.5 years ago. Really funny to look at it right now :)


2009.09 - DA Champion.blog


Sadly i dont have it anymore :( .





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3 avril 2012 2 03 /04 /avril /2012 16:12



Just came back from a three days workshop weekend with Roman Lappat (Jarhead) & Raffaele Picca (Picster). Still very tired, but i'll try to say some words about it...


Friday, after 6 hours of driving, i finally arrive in Blumberg-Achdorf. Quite a miracle as it's a very tiny village. Roman & Raffa are easy to recognize and it's a joy to finally shake their hands, after spending some time emailing each other. Very luckily for me, all the participants can speak english, so i'll be able to chat with people, yeah!


The class starts and we recieve our daemonettes for the prepping. I didnt pay much attention while choosing my parts, and after having them all prepped, i see that they're not fitting together... haha. So i had to start over one leg & one arm, damn me! I dont remember the exact order of the class activities, but after the prepping, the powerpoint theories & the demonstrations it was like 2 in the morning. Still too early to go to bed, i had to try some german beers before! Difficult to choose the good one, between the cola-beer, the lime-beer and whatever else. They have some strange mixes out there :) . Time to go to sleep... I forgot some people can snore, and honestly i never heard something like that... Was like a pure symphony. I guess i slept 2 hours ^^.


Saturday, we built the bases, primed the minis & started to paint the bases. Haha that was such a great time, as Roman's technique is, hum, heh, how to describe that... Maybe surprising is the word :) , i was scared. Anyhow i really loved to see his way and i'm forced to admit the result is great. He calls that "sketching". No no, i wont describe it there... We also recieved some theory lessons. Even if it was all in german i understood much of it, thanks to all the german teachers i've had when i was young. The only things i never understood are the jokes. So when everybody is laughing and you dont know why, you have 2 options. Faking and laugh with them, or stay calm thinking "i'll understand the next one". The second option was mine. Fact is i never understood the next one...


Sunday last day, a lot of painting, less theory, painting demonstrations... Again a hard working day, trying to find the time to finish my daemonette, to enjoy as much as i can being there, to eat some monster german raviolis (my stomach was full after just one), drink another strange juice called ABC etc. Well i couldnt finish the little chaos girl but here's a little pic of how it was at the end of the weekend:




Everything has been done with the stuff provided by the Jungle Apes, thanks guys!I'll have to finish it someday. We talked with Raffa about how to achieve a realistic moss effect. I'll try it on this base, as it looks a bit empty at the moment.


Sadly i forgot my camera so i dont have any pics of the weekend, but i guess you'll be able to see some on MassiveVoodoo very soon.


I must say it was more that a great weekend! A pure joy to meet people like Roman & Raffa, to meet the other participants who all made a great effort to speak in english with me, to share some techniques, thoughts, ideas, laughs (i understood the english jokes :)), and much more.


Hope to see you guys again soon! Thanks for everything!


To finish this little article, some words that will stay in my mind forever, Bunt oder Unbunt?

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24 février 2012 5 24 /02 /février /2012 12:27



Recently finished a model i always loved, Urmuth - Scars of War from Andrea Miniatures. As you'll see on the pictures, it has been painted in a classical way. I tried to focus on technique, achieving smooth blendings and a clean result.


2012.02 Urmuth (1).blog


I also decided to remain "simple", so there arent big freehands or fancy effects. I like the mini this way.


2012.02 Urmuth (2).blog


The base is also quite simple, to not distract the attention from the mini. But there are also little details to watch, if you pay attention. I like when bases have little details that you dont see at the first look.


2012.02 Urmuth (5).blog


The name on the socked is a basic paper sheet with printed letters. I just gave it some colours after a coat of matte varnish. If you dont varnish it before, the print ink wont like your diluted paint.


2012.02 Urmuth (3).blog


Very luckily for me, it got gold in Master Fantasy Painting at the Lugdunum 2012 show in Lyon. That has been a great surprise :)


As usual you can watch a 360 degrees view on youtube. Sadly it kills some of the contrast, but it can give a good idea of the mini like if you had it in your hands. Here,s the link:



Comments are as always welcome :)




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30 janvier 2012 1 30 /01 /janvier /2012 16:11

As we (my girl, my son & me) moved into a bigger flat, here's my new painting room.


Desk (1)


As i spent 2 hours yesterday to clean the mess i thought it deserves a little pic. Just to remermber how it can be... I also always loved to see other painters desks, how they organize their stuff etc.


Desk (2)


Also a little view of my showcase, it grows slowly but surely :)


Well i have to enjoy this room before 2nd baby comes, i still dont know where i'll paint after. But i have some more time to think about it.




A little WIP :)


Take care, the cold is coming over europe!

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23 janvier 2012 1 23 /01 /janvier /2012 17:01



I've just finished my version of the famous Yarry from Enigma Miniatures. A very pleasant mini to paint.


2012.01b Yarry (1).blog


I tried to improve my texturing techniques. For harmony, all the colors used have been mixed with Thornwood Green (p3). It gives sort of a desaturated / realistic look, at least this is the feeling i have.


2012.01b Yarry (2).blog


I had a butterfly left from the Happy Monk, i thought it could be a good idea to use it on this base.


2012.01b Yarry (3).blog


As usual there is an HD video, you can watch it if you want to see Yarry in details.



I hope you like him! Comments & critics welcome.


If you want to give him a vote : link








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20 janvier 2012 5 20 /01 /janvier /2012 08:00

So, i never wrote a tutorial, but i guess everybody has to start someday... Be sure the techniques used here are not from me. I spent a lot of time on internet, to read tutorials, watching videos etc. So i have to thank all the other painters who share their knowledge, who write tutorials on internet, who spend a lot of time to do it for free... Thanks guys!!


Well, i'm always doing something that is probably idiot, i build the base after having painted the mini. Most of the time, when i start painting a mini i dont have a clear idea of the final result. The idea grows during the painting process, the more i paint the figure the more i imagine his environnement. Problem is, when you do this you have to manipulate the painted mini, and you have to be very careful when painting the base to not make some marks on it.


Let's begin with the material needed.


tutobaseraggarth (1)-copie-1


There is : Grass tufts / Stone Mortar / Water effects from Vallejo / Cutter / Scalpel / Milliput / Glossy Varnish / Fake snow (i use Andrea) / Tree bark / Tree roots / Old blister / White glue / Cork (not on the pic :p) / Superglue / Sculpting tools


So take some cork and glue it on your base as you want.


tutobaseraggarth (2)


Now take some milliput, to make the edges of the base and "hide" the cork so whenpeople will look at it they wont say "hey you used cork". While the milliput is still soft, take your figure and adjust the placement, to have like a foot print to know where you'll have to glue it.


tutobaseraggarth (3)


Now you have to sand the edges of the base to have a perfect flat surface, so after the painting process it will be impossible to determine where's the wood, where's the milliput. Once this done, take your cutter or if you have one a dremel, and dig the lowest edge of te base.


tutobaseraggarth (4)


It's time to glue the figure on the base. Then i took my tree bark and i glued it to fit well with the mini. There was a hole under his left foot, the perfect spot to put a big bark piece. Make sure no piece obstructs the vision to the figure.


tutobaseraggarth (5)


Then i took some milliput again to consolidate the whole thing, around bark and around the figure.


tutobaseraggarth (6)


Time to take the stone mortar (white glue + sand will do the same), tree roots and twigs to give some texture & some life to the base.


tutobaseraggarth (8)


Now the best part begins, painting! As a primer & a basecoat, i use charadon granite. Just paint the whole base with it, but be very careful to not leave marks on the painted mini!! For sure this method is quite risky, but it helps me to be sure that the colors i use fit with the figure.


tutobaseraggarth (9)


Once the charadon granite is dry begins the painting "in the wet". So i took greys, greens, browns, violets, blues, and painted the lights/shadows. Then i did a light drybrush with the basic skintone from vallejo, and used thinned glazes of different colors over it again. The important thing here is to use the same colors you used to paint your figure. Your colors also have to be a bit darker / less saturated so the figure stays the "main thing to look at". You also have to stay a little bit chaotic when you paint a natural base, it will look more realistic.


tutobaseraggarth (10)


Next i simply glued some grass tufts. Now the snow, i use the one from Andrea. Just mix it with white glue, some gloss varnish & water, and put it where it looks realistic to you. Finally you can take a toothpick, and glue some very tiny snow parts over the figure like on the feet. Well as he walks in the snow it's logical he has some on his lower body parts. On MassiveVoodoo you'll find excellent acticles about it and about a loooot of other things, thanks guys!


For the icycles i did cut very little parts of a blister that i glued under the rocks. Then i took the vallejo Water Effects paste and with a toothpick i added it over, to make it round & realistic. It's very easy and it was done in 5 minutes.


After this and to finish the model i added some blood effects, but there are already many tutorials about it.


2012.01 Raggarth (1).blog


Final result.


Hope that helps,


Take care




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