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20 janvier 2012 5 20 /01 /janvier /2012 08:00

So, i never wrote a tutorial, but i guess everybody has to start someday... Be sure the techniques used here are not from me. I spent a lot of time on internet, to read tutorials, watching videos etc. So i have to thank all the other painters who share their knowledge, who write tutorials on internet, who spend a lot of time to do it for free... Thanks guys!!


Well, i'm always doing something that is probably idiot, i build the base after having painted the mini. Most of the time, when i start painting a mini i dont have a clear idea of the final result. The idea grows during the painting process, the more i paint the figure the more i imagine his environnement. Problem is, when you do this you have to manipulate the painted mini, and you have to be very careful when painting the base to not make some marks on it.


Let's begin with the material needed.


tutobaseraggarth (1)-copie-1


There is : Grass tufts / Stone Mortar / Water effects from Vallejo / Cutter / Scalpel / Milliput / Glossy Varnish / Fake snow (i use Andrea) / Tree bark / Tree roots / Old blister / White glue / Cork (not on the pic :p) / Superglue / Sculpting tools


So take some cork and glue it on your base as you want.


tutobaseraggarth (2)


Now take some milliput, to make the edges of the base and "hide" the cork so whenpeople will look at it they wont say "hey you used cork". While the milliput is still soft, take your figure and adjust the placement, to have like a foot print to know where you'll have to glue it.


tutobaseraggarth (3)


Now you have to sand the edges of the base to have a perfect flat surface, so after the painting process it will be impossible to determine where's the wood, where's the milliput. Once this done, take your cutter or if you have one a dremel, and dig the lowest edge of te base.


tutobaseraggarth (4)


It's time to glue the figure on the base. Then i took my tree bark and i glued it to fit well with the mini. There was a hole under his left foot, the perfect spot to put a big bark piece. Make sure no piece obstructs the vision to the figure.


tutobaseraggarth (5)


Then i took some milliput again to consolidate the whole thing, around bark and around the figure.


tutobaseraggarth (6)


Time to take the stone mortar (white glue + sand will do the same), tree roots and twigs to give some texture & some life to the base.


tutobaseraggarth (8)


Now the best part begins, painting! As a primer & a basecoat, i use charadon granite. Just paint the whole base with it, but be very careful to not leave marks on the painted mini!! For sure this method is quite risky, but it helps me to be sure that the colors i use fit with the figure.


tutobaseraggarth (9)


Once the charadon granite is dry begins the painting "in the wet". So i took greys, greens, browns, violets, blues, and painted the lights/shadows. Then i did a light drybrush with the basic skintone from vallejo, and used thinned glazes of different colors over it again. The important thing here is to use the same colors you used to paint your figure. Your colors also have to be a bit darker / less saturated so the figure stays the "main thing to look at". You also have to stay a little bit chaotic when you paint a natural base, it will look more realistic.


tutobaseraggarth (10)


Next i simply glued some grass tufts. Now the snow, i use the one from Andrea. Just mix it with white glue, some gloss varnish & water, and put it where it looks realistic to you. Finally you can take a toothpick, and glue some very tiny snow parts over the figure like on the feet. Well as he walks in the snow it's logical he has some on his lower body parts. On MassiveVoodoo you'll find excellent acticles about it and about a loooot of other things, thanks guys!


For the icycles i did cut very little parts of a blister that i glued under the rocks. Then i took the vallejo Water Effects paste and with a toothpick i added it over, to make it round & realistic. It's very easy and it was done in 5 minutes.


After this and to finish the model i added some blood effects, but there are already many tutorials about it.


2012.01 Raggarth (1).blog


Final result.


Hope that helps,


Take care




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