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6 novembre 2011 7 06 /11 /novembre /2011 23:17



It has been quite a long time as i lost 3 weeks moving into a new flat, bigger and better :) .


So he's finally finished, the Happy Monk from Ernst Veingart. A lot of pleasure to paint something about peace, poetry and well being.


2011.11 Happy Monk (1).blog

On his belly you can see the "om" syllable. It symbolizes the beginning, duration, and dissolution of the universe. Im clearly not a bouddhism expert, but thats what i read on wikipedia :p


2011.11 Happy Monk (2).blog


Colors used for the skin :


base : Tallarn Flesh + English Uniform 50/50

shadows :  Cryx Bane Base + Dark Flesh, Cryx Bane Base, Dark Sea Blue

highlights : Bronzed Flesh, Ivory


I finally added glazes of Scab Red and Camo Green on some areas for nuances (almost invisible on the pictures).


2011.11 Happy Monk (4).blog


Colors used for the tunic :


base : Ember Orange

shadows : Bestial Brown, Scorched Brown, Dark Sea Blue

highlights : Space Wolf Grey, Ivory


2011.11 Happy Monk (3).blog


I hope you like him, comments welcome :)


I you want to give him a vote : http://www.coolminiornot.com/291278






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