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16 décembre 2011 5 16 /12 /décembre /2011 11:00

Today something a bit bigger, probably my favourite model from GW this year, already a classic, the Nurgle Chaos Lord.


A friend asked me someday if i would sell him some miniatures. Well i wont feel good if i take my friend's money, so i suggested him to make a miniature exchange. We would both paint this mini and give it to eachother afterwards. It was also a little bit to force him to paint, as most of the time he plays videogames and doesnt practice :) .


At first, after prepping it, i basecoated it with a tamiya primer. Well be sure i'll never do this again. Maybe my paintstyle is not adapted to it, but my paints werent sticking at all on the mini and the results were awful. So after a Glanzer bath, i started it again but this time with a GW primer.


Here's the result :



For the skin, well i used a lot of colors and i dont really remember the right order. At the beginning i sticked to the colors used by Julien Casses on his Rat Ogre, but at the end it was kinda messy. So the colors are :


p3 : beast hide, gun corps brown, sanguine base, menoth white base, menoth white highlight, ember orange

gw : camo green, asurmen blue, leviathan purple, baal red, thraka green, ogryn flesh




For the armor parts :


p3 : menoth white highlight, umbral umber, thamar black

gw : camo green, thraka green, bestial brown




The metallics have been basecoated with boltgun metal, shadowed with umbral umber and black, highligted with model air chrome. The blood on the axe has been done with the weel known tamiya x-27 and black.




For the base i wanted something very dark and wet, with some disgusting things. So i took some milliput and did some worms and some eggs. That was not difficult, even with my poor sculpting abilities. Once everything glued i basecoated the base directly with charadon granite. Then i used the colors i used on the mini to paint the lights, shadows & details to be sure it will fit with the mini. The painting finished, i added the shine with Vallejo water effects paste and some shiny varnish.


I guess i spent around 15 to 20 hours total on this mini. Sure i could have spent much more time to finalise it, adding little details, damages etc. but im happy of it like this.


So now something new. You can watch it in video on youtube :) . Please if you can watch it on HD! More videos of other minis will follow, i'll try to add a video section in this blog.




I hope you like it, and that my friend will like it :)


If you want to give it a vote : link


Take care!



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Gerrie 'Corvus' Schenck 16/12/2011 13:45

I agree, this mini is a classic. Superb sculpt, good luck it was done in plastic instead of Finecast :)

Nice video too, keep up the good work!


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