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12 novembre 2012 1 12 /11 /novembre /2012 16:54

Soo back from Italy!


Hum... What to say about this week-end and where to start...


First i met some really nice people. I didnt know much painters in person before going there as it was my second miniatures contest ever... I'm quite a shy guy, but luckily for me some persons helped me. I have to thank in particular Massimiliano Richiero (Amon Chakai) who was the first to welcome me, who did bring me to the LegioPictorum dinner and introduced me to some of his friends. Later on i've met many other cool people from different countries, but i wont be able to enumerate all of them. Anyways they'll recognize themselves :) .


The organisation of the contest was great in all aspects, the LegioPictorum members did an amazing job! I think i did never eat so much on three days... The hydromel didnt help the digestion i guess.


About the contest itself and the entries, three letters W O W. Well my only point of comparison is the World Expo that was in Montreux, but in my opinion the general level was higher. Most of the "big names" in miniatures painting/sculpting were there, some pieces that won Slayer swords, golden demons, crystal brush... What more to say...


I've done some pictures, i know they arent the best but you can watch them on my Facebook page :




Sorry for the historical painting fans there arent much pics, but you can see the one that won the Best of Show award.


On my side all my entries were in the Master Fantasy big paint category. Funny thing is i didnt hear my name during the awards ceremony so i didnt go to pick up my prize, missed the group photo etc. And just before taking the road back to switzerland i went to say bye to my italian friends and they told me: "Hey why didnt you come, you've won a silver medal!" . So that was a great surprise :D .


See you next year, cheers!



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